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Developers at Seneca College and Mozilla
A Fancy Name Programmer's love them
  • Stands for Web Video Text Tracks
  • A fancy name for video captions on the web
  • Currently an open spec (draft!!) managed by the W3C
The Vision Creating a more open and seamless web
  • Furthers media accessibility on the web
  • International language support using UTF-8
  • Seamless experience for authors and users
Benefits of WEBVTT Don't you love the web?
  • Style with CSS
  • Work with captions using Javascript
  • Embed WEBVTT directly into video (future)
WEBVTT In Action Dazzled... ?
Seneca's Open-source Class(es) You could say that was a hard course...
  • "Here is the spec, now go!" (Dave Humphrey, 2012)
  • Build a test suite
  • Build a parser
  • Make sure it builds everywhere
  • Integrate into Firefox
  • Iterate
  • Oh, and don't forget to sleep!
  • Take the class
What We've Done So you said you like C?
  • Standalone C Parser - '89 C Standard
  • Autotools Build System
  • Test Suite in gtest - 400+ Unit Tests
  • Custom Ref Counting and Memory Management
  • String API With Support for UTF8/16
  • C++ Binding Layer
  • Flexibility With Application Provided Callbacks
  • 400+ Pull Requests and Issues Closed
Integration into Firefox Oh Gecko...
  • DOM Tests
  • DOM Implementation
  • Parser Build System Integration
  • Parser Integration
  • Video Div Overlay
Future Development The future is bright
  • Proper implementation of video::cue psuedo-element
  • Same with ::before and ::after css psuedo-classes
  • Implement spec algorithm to handle multiple tracks
  • Keep up with draft spec as it is changing
  • Fix the sec-critical bugs
  • Oh wait... fix ALL the bugs
Future, Future Development The future is brighter
  • Authoring tools for desktop or online (Webmaker?)
  • WEBVTT validator tools
  • Support for livestream captioning
  • Screen reader support for visually impaired
  • Possibilities are endless
  • Ralph Giles
  • Caitlin Potter
  • Rick Eyre
  • Dale Karp
  • Edwin Lim
  • Michael Afidchao
  • Shayan Ahmad
  • Jordan Raffoul
  • David Humphrey
  • Vince Lee
  • Mandeep Garg
  • Anh Tran
  • Thevakaran Virutthasalam
  • Mike Shutov
  • Michael Stiver-Balla
  • Kyle Barnhart
  • David Perit
  • Marcus Saad
  • Jesse Silver
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